Powerful Billing Software

The Catalyst Virtual Terminal can take care of all your billing needs in one place. Easy to use and clutter-free, our Virtual Terminal will have you up and running transactions in no time. Coupled with our very competitive industry rates and other technologies that can be mixed and matched, Catalyst is a one stop shop for all of your processing needs.

  • App
Web Based

With Catalyst’s fully web based virtual terminal, you can access your portal and customer data from anywhere.

Card Reader Support

Need to take swiped payments? No problem. Our optional card reader plugs into your computer’s USB port.


Send invoices to your customers by e-mail to be paid online or in person.

Stored Profile Manager

Need to store your customer’s card data? Catalyst has you covered. Stored and tokenized, you can process or reprocess customer cards as needed.

Customer Data Storage

The Catalyst virtual terminal allows you to store customer data for easy lookup in the future.

Tax Support

Full tax support is available for multiple tax zones.