As a business owner, launching an e-commerce store can be a challenging task. Picking the right shopping cart, designing your store, loading inventory… its a lot of work.

Catalyst e-Commerce takes some of the hassle out of the process. We integrate with over 10 of the biggest and most commonly used shopping cart systems. Just plug in your payment credentials and go.

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Website Payments - No Programming Degree Required

10+ Major Shopping Carts

Catalyst e-Commerce supports more than 10 of the most commonly used shopping carts.

Plug & Play

Simply insert your payment credentials, provided on signup, into our shopping cart plugins and you are ready to accept payments!

No Programming Required

Download and install our shopping cart plugins. No coding required.


Simplify Everything.

Merchants running e-commerce sites, from small craft shops to high-end specialty stores, have more to worry about than the technical details of processing and tracking payments.

Catalyst simplifies setting up, managing and operating your web-based payment system, letting you focus on what you do best: Running your business.

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Fully Integrated

Are you already using a shopping cart you love?

We feature more than 10 integrations with industry leading online shopping carts, easy plug and play payment signup and simple, straightforward pricing to make it quick to get up and running.

Catalyst proudly partners and integrates with some of the leading online shopping carts in the business. Each has their own mix of features, themes and extras. Pick the one that’s best for your business with complete confidence Catalyst’s ecommerce will blend in easily.

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Our Shopping Cart Integrations

Merge seamlessly with your current shopping cart!