Open to Developers : Integrate Payments

Any Cloud, iOS, Android application can integrate utilizing our API and make processing payments flow seamlessly as a piece of the solution. No terminal or dedicated line needed.

Developers can develop once, and connect to many payment processors. They also have access to expanded payment types, gift, EBT, ACH, Card Present, Not Present, eCommerce, Risk Tools, Encryption/Tokenization, User Defined Data, Billing, and Analytics all on a robust redundant platform.

Whether you're a single-person ecommerce merchant or a 20,000 square foot retailer, a 20-seat breakfast bistro or a 150-seat emporium turning three services a night, your business systems have to work together.

Catalyst provides a range of integrations, APIs and tools to help make tying your components together and tailoring them to meet the specific needs of how you do business as simple as possible.

Integrating and configuring Catalyst solutions is easy with our suite of developer tools and in-depth documentation.

If you need any help, our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and guide you.

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